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     Think of your body as an automobile, which we all know is made up of many parts. Like our bodies, our automobiles need lubricants aka. oil & Grease, to perform at optimum efficiency, our cars or trucks need fuel to move, hydraulic fluids to operate steering and brakes, batteries to start our engines, generators or alternators to keep our batteries charged, tires to enable the vehicles to move with the least amount of friction, air in the tires to do the same function and lets not forget Brains ( computers & Sensors ) to tell all of the above what to do and when to do it !
     All of the above items need a Maintenance Program....That's correct ! We need to change the oil, we need to gas up, we need tune ups etc.etc.etc. If any one of the maintenance items is overlooked it puts stress on other related parts of the vehicle which will eventually FAIL, causing breakdown and requiring repair...sometimes expensive repair.
    If we faithfully keep up with scheduled maintenance programs with our vehicles, won't we get more miles than our parent's cars got ?
    Have you Ever been to an antique car show and marveled at the pristine condition of a 90 year old vehicle? You probably thought to your self " Someone really took care of that beautiful car " .

Why Do We spend More Money taking Care of Our vehicles than OUR OWN Bodies?

    What good are beautiful old cars and trucks if we are too tired, aching too much or are too sick to use the darn things.

All too often, we take our Bodies for Granted.

* Our Hearts ( Engines )  run 24 / 7, don't they need some help ( OIL ) ?
* Our Bodies are made of millions of cells, couldn't they use some
nutrition ( hydraulic fluids ) ?
* Don't our Brains deserve Assistance ( Alternators to charge them )?

What Do the

"Powermean Plus' Formulas

                      have to do with any of this?

Over the last 20 years, the brain trust of Molecular Biology around the world has been pumping out a precipitous amount of knowledge and understanding of the Aging process. The are potentially guiding us closer to the source of everlasting youth. From this shared knowledge comes 'Word' that biologists from the University of California, Berkeley have tapped an influential "longevity gene" that can reverse cell degeneration associated with Aging. THAT'S RIGHT....they are not just offering a taste from the "Fountain of Youth", they're turning back the Clock at the molecular level....Back to the Mitochondria !


these newdiscoveries offer hope for the developement of targeted treatments for a long list of age related degenerative diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Arthritis and on and on.......

For now we have the PowerMean Formulas with 9 Essential Amino Acids combined with L-Arginine, CoEnzmeQ-10, l-Carnitine, DHEA, Glutathione, Mes-Testronix, Mega Resveratrol, Niacin , Vitamin D3, Magnesium, and B12.

    All pharmaceutical grade in the Highest doses possible to remain SAFE.

   The same formulas used in Clinical Trials in the Anti Aging Revolution.

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  8. Ultimate Immune System

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       The Anti Aging Health Supplement Formula

Why Do Some People Seem To Never Age ?

The Doctors, Scientists and Celebrities photos featured above are Links to Videos showing their  contributions to the 'PowerMean Plus' program.They are Notendorsing any particular product.

This site is not intended to Diagnose, Treat ,Cure or Prevent any Disease.

          PowerMean Plus

Mackensie Walser        Anderson cooper &  Suzzane Somers

MehMet OZ


 30 Niacin Caps

50 mg each

Supports Plaque removal  in Arteries

30 Co enzyme Q10

600 mg each.

critical to multiple Heart functions.


               All Pharmaceutical

               Grade Ingredients

* CoEnzymeQ-10 600 mg

* L-Arginine"Nitric Oxide"   


* Glutathione 500 mg

* Mega Resveratrol 250mg


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 Louis Ignarro                 Ferid Murad

Morley Safer          Barbra Walters

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     Recapturing our youth  or seriouslyslowingthe aging process may require scientists to harness a protein ( Amino Acid ) called SIRT3 that could prevent diseases associated with aging.

     It is with that idea and an Open mind that the PowerMean Plus  Anti Aging Wellness programs were created.
         Since the SIRT3 research is only in the first stages of Clinical trials, Doctors, Scientists and Chemists have already experienced amazing results  using pharmaceutical grade Enzymes and genuine wellness products that have been tested in hundreds of documented Clinical Trials dating back as far as 30 years.  Some of the People involved in these discoveries, Louis Ignaro, Ferid Murad, Robert Ferchgott and Peter Mitchell won Nobel Prizes in medicine.

What are the

     PowerMean Plus'    & Anti Aging Formulas ?

Simply Put "a collection of the Best  Vitamins

& Wellness Programs in the World"

   Each "Ingredient"  was chosen for its Unique affect on stimulating one or more Anti Aging processes from creating 'Lean Muscle Synthesis' that supports Heart,Brain and just about every function of every organ of the body, to stimulating the "Miracle Molecule" Nitric Oxide.

   Who  Believes in the

             Anti Aging Process  &

                             Wellness programs?

    Nearly all scientists who study the biology of aging agree that we will someday be able to substantially slow down the aging process, thus extending our productive youthful lives.

      Dr.Aubrey de Grey has been reported in media outlets from '60 Minutes.' to the New York Times that the Key biomedical technology required to eliminate aging-derived debilatation  is now within reachleaving us biologically younger physically and mentally than our parents.

     Dr, Grey and his assistant Micheal Rae explainthat the aging of the body is very similar to the aging  of man-made machines

Powermean Plus Anti Aging & Health Formulas

Dr. Sinclair

 All Contents are Pharmaceutical Grade


        One Workout Package

   Creates 6 timesthe leanMuscle 

     synthesis as Anabolic steroids

The'PowerMean Plus'Anti Aging & Health Wellness Programs

Michio Kacu

 1 Flavor Sampler

 $ 8.68



Nobel Prize



      # 4




Essential Amino Acids

"the building blocks of Protein. . .the Body requires them but Cannot Synthesize them. . . must be acquired by Diet or with Supplements !

Dr. Ferchgott

   ALLPharmaceuticalGrade Ingredients

* PowerMean 4 servings 12grams

 of 9Essential Amino Acids total 

* L-Arginine "Nitric Oxide" 3.5  


* L-Carnitine 3 capsules 500 mg 

 turns fat into Energy

*CoEnzyneQ-10 3 capsules 1800 mg

 Total Stamina 

* B-12 4 } 1000 mcg Sublingual Dots


* Magnesium 4 capsules 1600 mg regulates protein synthesis, prevents cramps

*Potassium 1}500 mg capsule produces 


* PowerMean 3.2 grams per serving of

  Nine Essential Amino Acids with

   4.2 grams of L-Arginine

* 600 mg of gel cap CoEnzyme-10

* 500 mg of L-Carnitine

* 2  Testronix Testosterone

        Booster capsules

* DHEA } the precursor to


          the Powermean Plus

   anti  aging & Health Formulas


       # 6 


Heart Disease

PowerMean Flavor

30 L-Carnitine

caps 500 mg each

Increases Heart muscles

capacity to produce energy


30 servings 120 total grams of Amino Acids

SupportsLean muscle synthesis relaxes blood



 Highest Safe Doses of

 Essential Amino Acids, Non 

 Essential Aminos, Enzymes,

 Natural cell surface 

 receptors, Vitamn D3, Testosterone

BoostersAnti Oxidants and


with optional 5mg IGF-1 Deer Antler Extract

PowerMean Flavors

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PowerMean Flavors





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                            Can Aging Actually be Slowed or Reversed?

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